Ergonomic issues with LCLBL / custom keys

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Ergonomic issues with LCLBL / custom keys

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The switch between LCLBL and Custom keys to access the custom keys again after using a program with LCLBL seems unnecessarily complicated to me. The easiest ways to return to Custom seems: "shift assign exit" (or the regular way: "shift modes down keyasn").

I can't think of any useful need for LCLBL outside programs. Why does CUSTOM leaves this status when called from outside a program? The only reason seems to annoy the user. On the other hand, I can't think of a good reason to have LCLBL off in programs which uses local label A-J. The 41 does this better an recognizes it automatically.

On the DM42 it would make sense to assign the unused F3 key with a direct access to the Custom-Menu (without the additional need to switch LCLBL off). That would make things a lot easier without a downside (e.g. compatibility to Free or HP42).

Or did I miss something? Is there an easy way to turn LCLBL on/off?
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