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thanks to forum contributors

Post by gteague » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:33 pm

i'm raiding these forums and having way too much fun configuring my new dm42 and wanted to thank everyone who has contributed stuff here and asked questions that now i don't have to ask. i got the ee and nav pacs installed and i used the /state/ function for each of those just to keep things neater. and i have nearly a dozen other programs now and am very rapidly filling up my /custom/ menu as a result.

if only the program names were in the program storage area you could simply use the /xeq/ function, but that wasteland is a mess of disorganization and it seems you can't even hit a character to send your pointer to a specific place in there. it seems like it will fill up with thousands of variables of unknown origin, thus the need to break the titles out into the custom menu. but it will only hold 18 items and i suspect i'll eventually have many more programs than that.

so the question is, how do you guys get around this seeming limitation? is there another way i can isolate just the items i use where i can get to them with just a keystroke or two?

oh, nearly forgot. even though i have the ee pac, it's not that useful to me. going through the hpmuseum collection of docs i found an hp67 ee pac 2 which does have programs more useful to a ham. is that available anywhere for the dm42? i copied out the manual for it.

thanks! /guy (73 de kg5gt | wqpz784)
/guy (73 de kg5gt | wqpz784)

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