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Thoughts on DM42 User Manual

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:54 am
by budmur
One thing that bugs me (not really, but it is something that I've noticed) is that the DM42 User Manual is written for someone who is familiar with the HP-42S or Free42, and needs to know how to do DM42-specific things, like update firmware, change system setttings, save files and state-files, etc. It doesn't go into the actual use of the calculator itself. It's my opinion that the DM42 is not just a great (and extended!) clone of the HP-42S, but is a great calculator in its own right.

Would there be any interest in expanding the user manual to include much of Mr. Strapasson's alternate manual, so that there's a 1-stop place where programming techniques, flags, solver, etc., can be included also? This way, there's a single user guide that discusses the entire operation of these great machines.

One thing to be considered is that Strappason's manual is published under the GDL. If it were included, I believe the entire DM42 User Manual would need to be released under that license. Of course, that'd be a Swissmicros descision if they want to go down that road.