Thoughts on DM42 User Manual

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Thoughts on DM42 User Manual

Post by budmur » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:54 am

One thing that bugs me (not really, but it is something that I've noticed) is that the DM42 User Manual is written for someone who is familiar with the HP-42S or Free42, and needs to know how to do DM42-specific things, like update firmware, change system setttings, save files and state-files, etc. It doesn't go into the actual use of the calculator itself. It's my opinion that the DM42 is not just a great (and extended!) clone of the HP-42S, but is a great calculator in its own right.

Would there be any interest in expanding the user manual to include much of Mr. Strapasson's alternate manual, so that there's a 1-stop place where programming techniques, flags, solver, etc., can be included also? This way, there's a single user guide that discusses the entire operation of these great machines.

One thing to be considered is that Strappason's manual is published under the GDL. If it were included, I believe the entire DM42 User Manual would need to be released under that license. Of course, that'd be a Swissmicros descision if they want to go down that road.
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