Hard Fault with PRP (V 3.11)

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Hard Fault with PRP (V 3.11)

Post by jch » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:49 pm


DM42 crashes when printing a program to a 82240 Printer.
This appends when all "Print to file" (except "Don't print to IR") options are checked.
Printing hangs randomly after printing line 12 to 16 with diagnostics :
Hard Fault
- r0=10008004 r1=20003e10
- r2=00000000 r3=00000000
- r12=10007c20 lr=08023ab1
- pc=0800b09c psr=61030000

IR printing with zero, one or two "Print to file" options checked runs smoothly (so far).
DM42 Beta sn:00050 / DM41X Beta sn:00016

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