Pseudo "off" -- it looks like power down but it is not

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Pseudo "off" -- it looks like power down but it is not

Post by mcc » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:20 am


when using a program, which uses the whole screen for pure graphical output you can enter
a pseudo-off mode:
+++ Start the program and wait until it has finished its artwork
on the screen -- the screen must be displayed still :)
+++ press F1 (top leftmost key) - the help browser appears
+++ press F1 - you are back to the graphics screen ... but it is blanked.

Now it looks like the calculator has been switched off.

When entering F1 while displaying the stack the stack is reconstructed and displayed
again when leaving the browser.
This seems not to be the case if you have entered F1 while displaying graphics.

May be it would be possible to modify the firmware in this case to fallback to calculator mode
in any case when leaving the browser -- a blank screen is without information and may confuse
the user ?

Cheers! :)
DM 42 - SN: 00373, Firmware v.:3.14. / 3.14. as compiled by SwissMicros

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