DM42 hangs

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DM42 hangs

Post by mcc » Tue May 08, 2018 6:49 pm


this is a somehow incomplete error report:
I managed to hang my DM42 by browsing the included help pages. It happens while moving up and
down quickly (I confused up and down for a moment and switch the direction fast to correct me).

I had to trigger system reboot. No program was lost from RAM, though.

My battery voltage dropped from 2.91 V to 2.76 V, which indicates an active endless loop
instead of an endless (passive) wait for a never sent event.
This half of a minute to get hold of something to poke towards the reset button costs more
electrical energy than the usage of my DM42 since 31.12.2017 ... and I use it a lot ... I am
a commuter ... and trains can be THAT BORING, man... ;)

EDIT: The programs were lost and replace by those from the state-file. I confused that, sorry...

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See -> Recursion
DM 42 - SN: 00373, Firmware v.:3.14. / 3.14. as compiled by SwissMicros

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