UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

This is where announcements of official firmware updates provided by SwissMicros for the DM42 calculator will be made.

Please do not post bug reports here. The Usage tips, tricks and problem reports forum is there for that.

Please do not post notices of third party firmware builds here, they will be deleted. Instead, please use the Third Party firmware builds forum for this purpose.
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UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

Post by grsbanks »

This update fixes the hypot() bug in the Intel Decimal Floating Point library.

Other additions to Free42 are being folded into the DM42 as we "speak" but we wanted to get this bugfix out there without waiting.

The method for updating your DM42 is covered in the manual.

The latest firmware binaries are available here.

SHA1 checksums:

Code: Select all

5c7e0dffeeacc268ca6fa6d7dbb917717b062274    DM42-3.17.pgm
7867da60f54b07b70b021f35cd042b9e2abd28bd    DMCP_flash_3.20_DM42-3.17.bin
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

Post by Over_score »

As usual: no problem :D
Thank you
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

Post by salvomic »

like a charm here.
I'm looking forward also for Free42 3.0 into :-)

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Re: UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

Post by Fg1969 »

Thanks for the update.

I am waiting for Free42 3.x too. It would be a nice feature for the DM42.

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Re: UPDATE: DMCP-3.20 / DM42-3.17

Post by dalremnei »

First update for my DM42! Went smoothly without any problems. What other additions to DMCP are you working on?
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