UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

This is where announcements of official firmware updates provided by SwissMicros for the DM42 calculator will be made.

Please do not post bug reports here. The Usage tips, tricks and problem reports forum is there for that.

Please do not post notices of third party firmware builds here, they will be deleted. Instead, please use the Third Party firmware builds forum for this purpose.
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UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by grsbanks »

DM42 V3.19

This release of the DM42 firmware is an update to Free42 V3.0.3.

V3.19 kicks off the quarterly update cycle as mentioned in the DM42 Firmware Update Policy.

The next update after this one will be in August 2021 as long as there are updates to Free42 that are practical to merge into the DM42. Should serious bugs be found in DMCP or Free42 before then, we will of course provide fixed firmware regardless of scheduling.

The firmware files can be found here: https://technical.swissmicros.com/dm42/firmware/

The update procedure is described in the DM42 manual available here: https://technical.swissmicros.com/dm42/ ... er_manual/

SHA1 checksums:

Code: Select all

a6da1ce30fbd1de0dd17809a5ce16e4fb1c2d9a8  DMCP_flash_3.21_DM42-3.19.bin
142953a9a1483e9c1a3101e208c2bc285de2e401  DM42-3.19.pgm
a078e65cdbc58fb9bbdde07d742854c927ffb379  DMCP_flash_3.21.bin
Thanks go to forum member whuyse for his thorough testing of the new features, allowing us to get this release out as soon as possible.
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by PierreMengisen »

As usual, very nice.
Good job.
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by akaTB »

Just another smooth update.
Thank you for the commitment.
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by ratwolf »

Now the new comparison functions can be used :D
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Re: UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by salvomic »

all went well.
Thank you!

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Re: UPDATE: DMCP 3.21 / DM42-3.19

Post by mcc »


a big thank you for this new firmware - update went as smooth as it could be! Great! :)

DM 42 - SN: 00373, Firmware release v.:3.19. / DMCP 3.21. as compiled by SwissMicros
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