DM42 update to Free42 v2.5.24 (the benefits of the open source)

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DM42 update to Free42 v2.5.24 (the benefits of the open source)

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I was anxious to enjoy the features of the latest Thomas Okken's Free42 v2.5.24, so I have spent some time merging the latest Thomas' code into the adapted version of Free42 produced by SwissMicros.

If anyone is interested in using the merged code, I have made it available at Notice that I have just updated the folder "common". That's enough to compile the Free42 library required in the DM42PGM project. Do not forget to update the free42 headers in the DM42PGM project.

Also, I would like to congratulate Thomas Okken for his work with Free42 (it is awesome) and SwisMicros for their terrific piece of hardware.

Finally, I would like also the point out the benefits of the open source approach for these kind of projects since it allows to create knowledge in the community and the community can contribute to improve the product at the same time. For instance, I wouldn't yet be able to enjoy the latest changes of Thomas' Free 42 in the calculator. I hope that the DMCP operative system can eventually be open source too. So, contributions can be made into it.

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