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Firmware V24 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:47 pm
by grsbanks
Firmware V24 has been released for the DM10, DM11, DM12, DM15, DM16, DM41 and their "L" counterparts.

Improvements include:
  • Time module ROM changes
  • PSE instruction fix
Time module ROM changes

DM41: The keys for "T", "R" and "M" for manipulating alarms in ALMCAT view have been remapped to [6], [4] and [7] respectively to agree with the SwissMicros-specific landscape layout of the keyboard.

PSE instruction

All models: the duration of a PSE was sometimes rather erratic and certainly a lot shorter with the CPU at 48MHz than at 12MHz. The PSE speed is now constant at 48MHz and similar to the pause at 12MHz.

Instructions for the firmware update and the firmware itself are provided here: