Firmware V27 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

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Firmware V27 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by grsbanks » Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:04 pm

Firmware V27 has been released for DM1x and DM41 units. In fact it was released a couple of weeks ago but I completely forgot to post the announcement. Sorry about that...

There's something for all models in this update.


There was a problem with the built-in stopwatch. If you started the stopwatch and then left stopwatch mode, when you came back to it, it would resume counting from when you left off. It would not count in the background. Fixed.


All models

It was almost impossible to stop a continuous loop with the [R/S] key. Keyboard handling has been completely rewritten in the emulator in order to fix this and the machine is now far more responsive.

There was a bug when using fonts other than 7-segment fonts that prevented the dot from being displayed in opcodes such as "RCL .1" in program listings. Fixed.

Firmware files Instructions can be found here:

SHA1 checksums:

Code: Select all

6945d18da7b8e2a27b91c0320d42a83e8e9aa172 DM10_27.hex
ea82bf580aaac07cd754550e74c6b2aaa1b26dae DM11_27.hex
be0da788498f75fd7fa966bec3e500f54056c17d DM12_27.hex
a3d721b52f5b5af154ed1853c5d65527fcf9dbb2 DM15_27.hex
db957a3be419b4df821aeb9bc6af894f03d744de DM15_M1B_27.hex
6e3c356db352688d590a27461aeeec5ba5a7c988 DM15_M80_27.hex
e2a80fa4d05de8820e91981f0f3eb874d77fbc19 DM16_27.hex
d678c2543cab2ce4e0d2704c53155ed61878622f DM41_27.hex
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