Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

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Re: Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by stevekennedyuk »

Just tried on DM-41 (initially tried on 41L) and the above process worked perfectly too.
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Re: Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by boessu »

I have been using the DM12L a bit more lately. I had the problem that it sometimes "swallows" numbers. At first I thought of a keyboard problem (my DM42 had a clear problem there... but since the upgrade of the clicker it is really gone). I then tested it on the DM15L as well: actually the same problem. Sometimes it "swallows" numbers if you type too fast (one number several times). One notices then also a very slight faltering (keyboard buffer runs full?!).
Then it occurred to me that the DM1xL knows two processor speeds. In fact, the problem disappeared with 48 MHz.

In the end, it looks like 12 MHz is a bit tight. But 48 MHz is a bit exaggerated... Would there be the possibility of something in between? The DM42 has 24 MHz. That should be enough.
Or is it possible that something like this happens when the battery is getting a bit weak (a bit above 2.0 V, but no battery warning is displayed)?
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Re: Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by rprosperi »

Missed digits at low speed is not normal, but IIRC has been reported in the past. The simple solution is to use it on the higher speed, but you seem to have reservations about that, but have not said why. Presumably, it's concern about higher battery consumption, but this is not a big difference as extensive testing confirmed when the DM15 first came out.

Battery condition, unless extremely low (and visibly so on the meter) makes no difference with this.

The CPU's are totally different between the DM1X and DM42, so there's no basis of comparison among them. There is no reason for an in-between speed we can see, and no plans for that. If I've missed your point, sorry, please try to explain further.
--bob p

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Re: Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by boessu »

Hello rprosperi

Thanks for your answer. So I am happy that it is a known behavior.
My only reservation of using higher speed is the higher battery consumption. It wouldn't make sense if I have to change the battery every week just because I use the higher speed (at the end just because of the keyboard, not to speed up calculations). Apart from the costs, there would also be a certain ecological aspect. But if there is not a big difference, it's my solution of the problem.

Of course, I don't expect the runtime of my HP11C anyway. I've changed recently the batteries there last year. For the first time... ;-)

Thanks & Cheers ;-)
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Re: Firmware V32 for DM1x/DM41(L) units

Post by marc »

Question about this update for DM41 & V32.

I see in ... html#_dm41

that  R↓ will Toggle annunciator position - (On + Key 22)

I tried, and I get no result ? is it implemented ? or same as font change, only for the other voyagers ?
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