Firmware V31 Fix for Battery Problem

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Firmware V31 Fix for Battery Problem

Post by JPL »

I have a Mac and am using Chrome. I am a very basic Mac user: I didn’t even know that “Terminal” existed or what it was for. Fact is, I still don’t!
Please help me fix my wonderful 15L by the simplest possible instructions on how to get V31 Firmware into my calculator. I don’t know what a serial port emulator is. When I try now, a whole lot of code appears in my computer screen but despite my calculator being connected I can’t get the new code into the calculator. I’m burning through batteries every few months. HELP!!
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Re: Firmware V31 Fix for Battery Problem

Post by axd »

A Mac user could help this user here with Jitsi?
Apart from connecting the device and entering serial console mode, the procedure can be followed via Jitsi.
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Re: Firmware V31 Fix for Battery Problem

Post by cdmackay »

It's not all that hard, although if you've no experience at all with UNIX cmdline, etc, then it may seem so, but we ought to be able to help you through that.

But, first: what are you doing exactly, that results in "a whole lot of code appears in my computer screen"?

You should be trying to follow the instructions here: ... e_on_macos

but we can walk you through it one bit at a time, if that helps. Or have you already managed some of that? If so, how much?

If not, to start, we need to see what MacOS version you are running (to see if you need to install a device driver). Do you know? If not, select About this Mac, from the apple icon in the LHS of the top menu bar.

It should tell you:

macOS <something>
Version <something>
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