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[DM41L] Extended Memory, Console and En/De-coder

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:55 pm
by Boub65
Hi all,
beside the loss of "Display Format" using the DM41L Console + En/De-Coder (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=244) I stepped today into a other problem...

While improving a program using the Console + En/De-coder, I lost my Extended Memory saved programs.
I tried to debug, and here are my findings...

1) if you use only the Console, the DM41L dump is including the Extended Memory data.
You can try to
a) dump (s) the memory of the calc that has a program saved in Extended Memory
b) then Reset the calculator and so erase the Extended Memory
c) then load the previous dump (l) and you find the extended memory back
It works, and the extended memory that is present in the Dump is enougth to restore after a Reset

2) but if you use in the meanwhile the En/De-coder, the Extended Memory is erased from the dump ! So tweaking the programs in main memory cannot be done if you a have data in extended memory unless you accept a total loss...

I thought first that loading the main memory program would leave the Extended Memory untouched... but it's not the case.

Same problem as "Display Format", some data are over-written by En/De-coder...

Proposed solution : add a Frame in the DM41L En/De-coder tool to host the Extended Memory dump. When hitting "Encode", this dump will always be added to the main dump that is used to copy/paste in the Console. This dump can also be saved by the user as-is in a text file to store personal Extended Memory libraries. When Extended Memory is empty, this dump Frame is empty.


Re: [DM41L] Extended Memory, Console and En/De-coder

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:35 pm
by Boub65
Hi all,
I continued my testing and found the following :
- the Display format (FIX, ENG, etc..) are present also in the Console Dump put erased (over-written ?) by the En/De-coder
- the ASN (assign to keys) is aslo present in the Console Dump and erased by the En/De-coder
- the Flags are also present in the Console Dump and erased by the En/De-coder

I used he same protocol as Extended Memory tests :
- Dump the memory in the Console
- Reset the DM41L
- Copy paste the dump and load it and test to see if every thing (Extended Memory, ASN keys, Display formats and Flags) are back. and they are!

It would be great if those informations (present in the Dump) could be "transported" by the En/De-coder...