[DM41L] LCD refresh "improvements"

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[DM41L] LCD refresh "improvements"

Post by Boub65 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:01 am

Hi SM team...
(I'm still waiting for my DM42 so I keep playing with my DM41L)...

I don't know if you still have some time to invest in the DM41x product line (old design, old CPU chip), but here is a request for improvements from a firm DM41L lover (I really looove the landscape format)...

My 2 questions :
1) each time the display has to display a string/number (@12MHz) it "flashes" the string/number shifted on the right (not visible @48MHz but quite visible @12MHz)
to try it, just pout the calc @12MHz in alpha mode and start typing letters, you will see the LCD flashing the letters on the right...
or try typing an short number and hit ENTER (@12MHz), same flash on the right of the LCD display. This behavior is not visible on the DM15L @12MHz

2) is there a way to improve speed using some kind of DM42 "RefLCD" setup on the DM41L ([EEX] + [ON] for example) that would allow us to choose between two modes :
- Goose flying and LCD refresh
- No refresh
I don't know if it can be done in the firmware without having to modify the ROM? and if it improves significantly the speed of course???

just my .02 MAD ;-)
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