[DM1xL] RTC Crystal Correction (Feature Request)

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[DM1xL] RTC Crystal Correction (Feature Request)

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I realize that Voyager development is on the back burner compared to the ongoing flagship model work, but it would be nice (like the DM42/41X) to be able to apply a correction factor for the RTC crystal. My DM16L is at about +55ppm, so I'm gaining a little over a minute every two weeks. Not that I regularly use my calculator as a clock, but since the feature is there it would be desirable to make it as accurate as is reasonably possible.

That said, if the future SM firmware update/program loading utility is going to be able to also update the calculator clock from the host system clock, that would be fine, too (as much as I use serial interface :D).

Thanks, in advance

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