[DM15] Use of FreeBSD for loading or flashing DM15L

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[DM15] Use of FreeBSD for loading or flashing DM15L

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Hi team,

Just got my DM15L and wanted to use my Unix operating system FreeBSD to load or flash the DM15L.

For loading or flashing on a FreeBSD 13, all required tools are part of the standard system... after finding the serial port (on my system /dev/cuaU3), start a "cu" communication, either as root or use sudo:

$ sudo cu -s 38400 -l /dev/cuaU3
..and activate serial console on the DM15L

For flashing the DM15L, install the package lpc21isp and just follow the procedure described in the manual.

Brgds. Harry
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Brgds. Harry
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