What can I do with the clock

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[DM41] How to change the number of program steps available
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What can I do with the clock

Post by tcherry »

Most of my HP calculating has been done on a 15c, but now that I have a DM41L with a clock I want ideas on what to use it for. What are some cool functions I can write using time?
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Re: What can I do with the clock

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Read these, there's plenty of ideas and sample programs:

Time Module manual:

User's Library Time Solutions:
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Re: What can I do with the clock

Post by Garth »

Programs I wrote for my own use:
My HP-41 alarms and daytimer program (requested earlier on two different forums) is at http://wilsonminesco.com/HP-41daytimer.html .
My HP-41 program to track time spent on various jobs is at http://wilsonminesco.com/HP41job_time.html .
http://WilsonMinesCo.com (Lots of HP-41 links at the bottom of the links page, http://wilsonminesco.com/links.html )
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