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by DMaier
Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:59 pm
Forum: Firmware updates
Topic: Do not use Firmware V30 for DM1x/41
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Re: Do not use Firmware V30 for DM1x/41

Through a process of careful scientific analysis, not easily distinguished from mere procrastination and sloth, I would like to propose the theory that the V30 power drain issue does not necessarily affect the DM41/DM41L. (Evidence: just replaced batteries in a bunch of dead DM1x's; the DM41's seem ...
by DMaier
Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:31 pm
Forum: OFFIMG library
Topic: Soviet Spring Festival bitmap
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Soviet Spring Festival bitmap

On the off chance that anyone else wondered what the text on the Soviet-spring-festival bitmap (Слава советским женщинам!) means, it turns out to mean "Glory to Soviet women!". Shocker. I'm guessing this was a stamp?

by DMaier
Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:23 am
Forum: Usage tips, tricks and problem reports
Topic: Calculator hung while printing
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Calculator hung while printing

I was printing the dplot_thomas.raw program, actually, when the calculator hung (there was a noticeable reduction in printing speed about 10 lines before this happened). The diagnostic was:

Reg Id d3770103, fw 3.2

After resetting the same program printed successfully.