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by fkunz
Wed May 22, 2019 7:15 pm
Forum: DM42
Topic: Benchmark Speed?
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Re: Benchmark Speed?

Here some more values for comparison: Android Free42 on Nokia 6 running on battery: MATH 3,874,281 TRIG 487,780 Android Free42 on Nokia 6 running on power supply: MATH 7,503,283 TRIG 525,169 Free32 DEC on AMD Phenom(tm) II X3 705e Linux MATH 1,715,889 TRIG 1,010,376 DM42 connected with USB (CPU @ 80...
by fkunz
Mon May 20, 2019 4:22 pm
Forum: Hardware issues
Topic: Battery life
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Re: Battery life

Hello, Is this problem fixed? I'm asking because I received a new DM42 (serno 4064) shortly and it drains the battery in less than a week :( . I measured the current consumption and this is ~0,5mA in on (idle) as well as in off state. The software is DCMP v3.13, IFC 03.10 and from the release notes ...