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Want to try to implement few thing!

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:24 am
by Spationaute
Hi, I just bought the DM42 and I'm having too much fun. I programmed few things, and now I'm looking at the code. I started working on an text reader to read back the "printer" text file. I want also to work on Import/Export of matrices and finally I want to implement a QR Code export function for both the text and the matrices. It would be super useful in the lab!

I have read the code and thing are going well, the menu are created and I only have few bug to fix the text reader. I will need to know how the lcd_draw_img work, mostly its first argument format. Is the X axis represented bit by bit? So 16 pixel in each word, double, quad or bits?

Thank you for your help! For reward, the results will be available on my github, when each step is fully completed.