DM42 wins over WP34S in accuracy..

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Re: DM42 wins over WP34S in accuracy..

Post by JeffJ » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:07 pm

My collection of calculators includes both the WP 34S and now the DM42. Both are marvelous products from some fabulously creative and industrious minds and I have deep appreciation for both. HP, for business reasons we all understand, has pretty much dropped us "calculator aficionados" that are so hard to please. Even with the seminal WP 34S, we were still depending on HP (Kinpo?) to supply us with HP 20b/30b hardware, but now we are freed from that with the amazing products from SwissMicros. And the DM42 flagship is the crowning achievement. Who needs exponents greater than 6000? Well, none of us, but we want it because WE CAN and it makes us giddy with delight. We crave the calculating power. And now Panamatik is allowing us to revive the glory days of yesteryear, bringing our old Woodstocks back from the grave. Life is good!

Oh, wait. This discussion was about which calculator was more accurate, right? We can quibble all day about the answer to that question, tripping over the semantics of the term "accurate". W&P went to great pains to make the WP34S as accurate and bug-free as possible within the constraints of the libraries and hardware available, and did a fantastic job. They also paved the way for serious, high-end, do-it-yourself calculators. We have some crazy-powerful calculators at our disposal today that are quite affordable compared to those of the 1970's, so who cares which is more "accurate"? :D

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