USB connectors

If you're having problems with the hardware of a DM42, post about them here.
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USB connectors

Post by grsbanks » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:44 am

A few of you have reported that you've had problems with USB connectivity so we looked at this in greater detail.

The DM42's USB connector is close to the tolerance regarding its distance to the edge of the calculator. If a cable is used of which the length of the actual connector is also close to the tolerance then the casing around it might well come into contact with the DM42 if that casing is a bit bulky. This could prevent you from inserting the connector far enough. We're only talking about tenths of a millimetre here but that's clearly enough to get in the way.

In order to test this theory, try removing the rear case and connecting the USB cable again. If you now have a stable connection then connector length/recess is indeed the problem.

In this case, one solution is to shave some of the plastic off the top part of the connector housing on your cable. Observe the photos below:


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Re: USB connectors

Post by 4ster » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:27 am

In case someone else finds that they need to buy a connector: What you are looking for is a cell phone charge/sync cable; Micro-B to A, USB 2.

I was looking in the "Computer Cable" section in my local electronics Big Box store and couldn't find it. There were lots of USB varieties but nothing with a Micro-B on one end. I asked a sales person if they had another area with cables and, seeing my "cell phone" (DM42) in my hand suggested the cell phone cable section. I hadn't thought to look there.
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