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My Custom OFFIMGs

Post by Epidiah » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:08 pm

Here are a few custom OFFIMGs I made for my on DM42 that I thought I would share in case someone shares my sense of humor.

This first one is a dumb calculator joke. Something I whipped up in response to folks making the same joke whenever I post about my new calc. (It's upside down on purpose.)
Image ... 8.bmp?dl=o

These next two are pieces of art from a tabletop roleplaying game of mine about time traveling temp workers. I put them together because I needed something a little flashy to throw in a post about a program I wrote for the DM42 that helps you handle part of the game: ... alculator/

The first probably doesn't have much appeal, but I'm including it here for the sake of completeness.

Image ... l.bmp?dl=0

I'm rather proud of this second one, though. It's a fictional warning symbol along the lines of the hazardous waste symbol, but this one warns you that the material contained with in includes information about the future you probably shouldn't peak at or you might risk a paradox that would destroy the world.

Image ... d.bmp?dl=0

This next one comes from a Twitter account I follow that just posts random wizards. This particular wizard is called the Self-Confident Calculator Demon. Seemed appropriate.

Image ... n.bmp?dl=0

And the best for last.

Image ... 2.bmp?dl=0
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Re: My Custom OFFIMGs

Post by rprosperi » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:19 pm

The last one is very clever, I like it! Need to install it to see it live.

Thanks for sharing these.
--bob p

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