Problem with V26 FW update

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[DM16 V22] CHS gives unexpected results
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Problem with V26 FW update

Post by cappy » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:42 pm

I've just tried updating the FW on my DM41, unsuccessfully.
After pressing the program button on the updater tool and pressing the reset button, I could see the updater tool
progress bar moving, After a minute or so I saw MEMORY LOST on the calculator (which I assume is normal),
but there were no prompts as to when to press the reset button again.

After waiting several minutes, I pressed reset and saw that the old FW version (V22) was still in the DM41.

Has anyone else had problems doing the update?

Just when are we supposed to press the reset button the second time?
Will the updated prompt us for that?

The FW update instructions really need to be revised.
DM42 SN: 0612

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