Best IOS app to use together with DM41L?

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Best IOS app to use together with DM41L?

Post by jthole » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:20 pm

I just ordered a DM41L, and have not received it yet ... however, I am already thinking about synchronising with my iPhone :)

What would be the best (affordable) iPhone app for sharing programs with the DM41L? I think an obvious candidate would be Free42, since I believe that the raw files created from a DM41L dump (with the online tool) are fully compatible. Am I correct? To be clear, I am only looking for a one way synchronisation; I understand that I cannot load all Free42 programs in the DM41L.

Are there any IOS apps which have a keyboard that's closer to the HP 41CX, and are compatible with the DM41L? Or is Free42 the best bet?


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